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The Grass Foundation is a not-for-profit, private foundation chartered to assist in advancing knowledge principally in the field of neurophysiology, and including allied fields of medicine and science. In pursuit of that goal, the Foundation acts to encourage and advance education, research and clinical investigation in these fields. All grants and expenditures of The Grass Foundation must be for charitable purposes as defined by the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.

The only program administered directly by The Grass Foundation, as approved by the Internal Revenue Service, is the Grass Fellowship Program in neuroscience at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. All other Foundation activities are supported via funds awarded to other not-for-profit organizations, who administer the relevant programs themselves. Organizations with whom The Grass Foundation currently partners are listed below.

Any inquiries regarding funding should be addressed to The Grass Foundation office.

Currently funded programs are:

MBL - Marine Biological Laboratory
The Albert & Ellen Grass - MBL Faculty Grant Program
Neural Systems & Behavior Course
Neurobiology Course
The Forbes Lectureship
SfN - Society for Neuroscience
The Albert & Ellen Grass Lecture
The Donald B. Lindsley Prize in Behavioral Neuroscience
The Ricardo Miledi Program for Neuroscience Training
International Brain Research Organization (IBRO)
IBRO Visiting Team Lecture Programme (VLTP)
AES - American Epilepsy Society
The Robert S. Morison Fellowship
The Grass Foundation – AES Young Investigator Travel Award
American Neurological Association
The Grass Foundation -ANA Award in Neuroscience
Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN)
An endowment was supported to enable FUN to operate more on a long-term basis.
Grass Fellowships
The Grass Fellowship program represents the flagship program for the Foundation. It supports independent research for 14 weeks at the MBL.
Grass Imaging Awards
The Grass Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of a new awards program in advance imaging at the Marine Biological Laboratories (MBL).
  • American Epilepsy Society +

    Robert S. Morison Fellowship

    This fellowship was created in honor of the contributions of Dr. Morison, one of the founding Trustees of The Grass Foundation. The Fellowship is administred by the American Epilepsy Society and is currently on hold. Please check AES Morrison for further information.

    Grass - AES Young Investigator Travel Award

    To recognize and honor outstanding young investigators conducting research in basic or clinical neuroscience related to epilepsy, the Grass Foundation and the American Epilepsy Society have combined resources to present Grass Foundation-AES Young Investigator Travel Awards ($1,000, together with waiver of AES meeting registration fees) to up to 8 deserving candidates to help support travel costs to present their research at the annual meeting of the American Epilepsy Society. This program is administered by the AES. Please see AES Travel for more information.

  • American Neurological Association +

    The Grass Foundation - ANA Award in Neuroscience

    This award was established in 2007 to honor outstanding young investigators doing research in basic or clinical neuroscience. The award is administered by the American Neurological Association.

  • Grass Imaging Awards +

    This award has been put on hold and most likely will not be offered in 2015. The award was judged a success, but the Foundation is currently evaluating its philanthropic portfolio.

    PURPOSE:The MBL is an international center for application of advanced imaging technology to studies of brain function. The goal of the Grass Imaging Awards is to make this remarkable resource and rich intellectual environment available to the broader scientific community. The Program intends to bring faculty-level individuals to the MBL for four weeks during the month of July. Participants are encouraged to collaborate with members of the MBL NeuroImaging group. Alternatively, they can independently utilize the available core microscopy resources of the MBL, such as confocal, two-photon, structured illumination microscopy, PALM, and STED microscopes.

    BENEFITS: Imaging awardees are given the opportunity to utilize the available microscopy resources while gathering data and interacting with other imaging specialists at weekly NeuroImaging seminars and informal meetings. Awardees can also attend Neurobiology Course lectures on the theory and practice of advanced microscopy, if desired. Support will include research supplies, travel, housing and meals at the Marine Biological Laboratory for the individual.

    ELIGIBILITY: Faculty-level applicants working in any area of neuroscience are eligible. Priority is given to applicants with needs consonant with the resources of the MBL, particularly those planning to collaborate in the lab of an MBL NeuroImaging investigator. Prior research experience at the MBL is neither required nor disqualifying. International awardees (i.e., not US citizens or resident aliens) must hold an appropriate visa for the duration of the program. The Grass Foundation values diversity in all of its programs.

    DURATION: The duration of the program is 4 weeks during July 2014. Fellows are expected to be in residence at the MBL during the entire duration of the award.

    APPLICATION: Application forms and instructions are available here.

    DEADLINE: Applications (for July 2014) must be received by 20 February 2014. Applicants must ensure that the completed application is submitted by the deadline. Decisions will be announced by April 2014.

    SELECTION: The Trustees of The Grass Foundation will judge the scientific merit of the proposed research and its suitability for this program. The Foundation expects to grant up to 3 awards.

    A one page flyer of this announcement can be downloaded here in PDF format.

  • Society for Neuroscience +

    Albert and Ellen Grass Lecture

    This lecture, presented by a high-profile speaker selected by SfN, is given each year on Monday evening of the SfN Annual Meeting. The Albert and Ellen Grass Lecture is one of the featured scientific events of the conference.

    Donald B. Lindsley Prize in Behavioral Neuroscience

    This prize was established in 1979 in honor of Donald B. Lindsley Ph.D. for "meritorious research in the area of behavioral neuroscience." Dr. Lindsley was one of the early Trustees of The Grass Foundation. A selection committee of SfN members reviews Ph.D. theses that were approved in the prior year and nominated for the prize. The SfN Committee awards the prize.

    The Latin America Neuroscience Training Program

    The Grass Foundation is excited about co-sponsoring this new program in partnership with SfN, IBRO and its Latin American Regional Committee(LARC) and US/Canada Regional Committee (USCRC). This new program emerged from the very successful Ricardo Miledi Program for Neuroscience Training and seeks to enhance the training and career development of Latin American and Caribbean neuroscientists.

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