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Former Grass Fellows

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Former Grass Fellows

Grass Fellows work hard and play hard! The winning 2014 team, CONGRATULATIONS!

Our database is a work in progress! If you find missing or incorrect information, please do let us know at "info at grassfoundation dot org".

We have introduced a search function that does not yet appear on every relevant page, but in principle it works.

The search fields are additive and will match any text. So if you type "Hans" in the Name field it will pull up all fellows with Hans as either first or last name. Typing "H" will give you all names that include an H - could be useful if you are unsure about the spelling of the beginning of a name. Use the letter boxes at the top to search for Fellows who's last name starts with "H"

Most fellows do not yet have project titles or abstracts, so searching for 'squid' in the abstract field will not yield a lot of projects, although squid has been used consistently over the years. 

The field Institution currently refers to the institution where the fellow is at. We are slowly changing that to the Institution where the fellow was when they held the Grass Fellowship. And we have introduced the field 'Current Institution' to reflect where these people are now. 


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