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Grassfellows starting with I

  • 1979
  • Georgetown University
  • Current Institution: NIDCR

Iadarola , Michael J Ph.D.


Here is a lesson, an insight, and a photo from my Summer Fellowship of '79. I was the only vertebrate pharmacologist in the group and my project was to study the actions of certain anticonvulsant drugs on inhibitory transmission at lobster neuromuscular junction, The muscle was innervated by two types of nerves an excitatory axon which used the excitatory amino acid transmitter glutamate and an inhibitory axon which used the inhibitory transmitter gamma-amino butyric acid as the transmitter.
Idoux , Erwin    Ph.D.
  • 2007
  • Universite Paris Descartes, CESEM

Idoux , Erwin Ph.D.

Project Title

Ontogeny of the Intrinsic Properties of the Neurons Responsible for the Velocity to Position Integration of Zebrafish (Danio rerio).


"The Grass Fellowship has been a very nurturing experience as it made me appear as an independant researcher to more senior colleagues, giving me more freedom in my own research while allowing me to interact with bright young researchers during a fantastic summer of research in Woods Hole."
  • 2012
  • University of California, Davis

Iglesias, Teresa, M.S.

Project Title

Investigating the quiescent sleep-like state in the cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis): homeostasis and the effects of deprivation on learning and memory retention

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